Despite the peoples Baghdad bombed…
No to imperialist war!

This morning the US-UK-led imperialist coalition began the war against Iraq officially and dropped the first bombs on Baghdad.

The people of the world are against this war! Recently tens of millions of people took to the streets on 15 February in various cities around the world and cried out loud their contempt for this war in planning. On this day at the beginning of the war an immediate stop to this war will be demanded in mass rallies in London, Barcelona, Rome, Berlin and other places around the world. But for the imperialist aggressors led by the USA neither the will of their own people, nor that of the peoples of the world counts and they continue with the bombing.

Despite all propaganda trying to justify the imperialist aggression, peoples of the world feel that imperialist interests stick behind this war! The imperialistsՠaim is not to free the Iraqi people from the fascist Saddam regime, but to establish complete imperialist domination in the Middle East. The German, French and Russian imperialists opposing this war do not do so out of “love of peace” either, but likewise out of their own imperialist interests. Mendaciously, they present themselves as “doves of peace”. The reason for their opposition to this war is neither that they are thinking of the people of the Iraq, nor that they are bowing to the will of their own people. They are thinking solely of their own imperialist interests and developing a position against the wish of the US imperialism to rule the world alone.

The fascist Turkish state is also a party to this war!

Calculating from the beginning that their participation in the war alongside the USA lies in their own interests and entering into some hard bargaining for it, the Turkish ruling classes managed at the last minute to adopt a parliamentary motion, which they had failed to pass through the Parliament at the first attempt, with some changes. Now the formalities are complete, and they also got the “consent” of the Parliament for the war, in whose center they find themselves anyhow, creating the basis for the fascist Turkish army to open the “northern front”. In north Iraq there are already 30 thousand troops of the Turkish army presently. After they have gotten the parliamentary permission now, they declared that they dispatch a further ten thousand soldiers. This war stokes the wishes of the Turkish ruling classes, occupiers of North Kurdistan, to occupy also South Kurdistan and reach out for the oil fields of Mosul and Kirkuk. Even when these dreams are not realizable, they try at least to prevent the formation of a Kurdish state in north Iraq that would endanger their interests, and do some hard bargaining over these questions.

Peoples of Turkey are against this war. But the Turkish ruling classes are steering towards this war despite the peoples and altogether for their own interests. Peoples of Turkey, workers and toilers have no interest in this war at all. The interests marked by the Turkish ruling classes as “national interests”, are solely their own interests. No to dying and killing for their interests!

Conscious of the fact that so long as imperialism rules imperialist reactionary wars are also inevitable, only one cry must resound from all ends of the earth today: NO TO IMPERIALISM! NO TO IMPERIALIST WAR!

There is only one way to prevent the peoples from mutually slaughtering each other for the interests of the imperialists and reactionaries: To turn their weapons against the real enemy, against the ruling classes in their own countries, and bury imperialism and the world reaction into the garbage pile of history through revolutions. That is the only real solution! Even when the Iraq war is finished, there will never be any lack of wars in the world as long as imperialism and the world reaction live on. The imperialists will always find new targets for their aggression! History is witness to it.

There is only one war worth waging for the workers and toilers: the class war.

Sooner or later, through the class struggle, workers and toilers will raze the rule of the ruling classes who think of nothing but their profits, to the ground, and establish the rule of workers and toilers!

That is the way to free the world from oppression, exploitation and wars!

Down with imperialism!
Long live the revolution and socialism!

Bolshevik Party North Kurdistan-Turkey