Bush & Schröder = War Strategists
Let us put a stop to their activities!

Forging the “Alliance against terrorism” further…
Spreading still more wars over the peoples…
Every Great Power fights for its own spheres of influence!

Bush is coming for a visit to one of his most important allies: Great Power Germany. The war in Afghanistan is still in full progress. Bombs a’raining and mines a’laying. At the same time the managers of DaimlerChrysler, Hoechst etc. are flown out –as in the case of Schröder’s “flying visit”– to war-torn Afghanistan to sound out and crank up investment possibilities. In the Philippines, the second front of the war has long since been opened. US combat troops have been invading wide parts of the country for months. At the same time German warships control shipping at the “Horn of Africa”. This is the biggest deployment of the German Navy since the end of World War II. The German military Great Power can at last present itself as well. German imperialism has long since been playing a Great Power role as the strongest economic and political force in Europe. The current war provides a further thrust. The deployment of the Federal Armed Forces in ex-Yugoslavia, Somalia, Kuwait are milestones in its military intervention capabilities. Now things can only go forward for German finance capital. Its next goals are already in sight.

Bush, representative of the presently leading military Great Power, wants to bind the German Great Power closely in its war plans: War against Irak, Iran, Libya… But he is already feeling the head wind! The German Great Power is not acting according to his plans… In world poker the FRG is trying to build up its own place under the sun. It is trying to take full advantage of political conflicts. The Schröder/Fischer diplomacy aims at gaining ground for itself. Be it in Afghanistan, in the East expansion of the EU, in Uzbekistan, or in Iran. Power struggles in these countries are stirred up by the Great Powers. “Proxy wars” are the result.

Imperialist wars waged by the Great Powers today are for securing the sources of raw materials, for exploiting cheap laboring power and for opening up new markets and investment oppontunities. In these wars like the one in Afghanistan maps of political power are redrawn. Who’ll get hold of which pieces… The alleged “war on terrorism” is nothing but a fray for influence. Only when we anti-imperialists and revolutionaries see that the alliance of imperialists is only temporary, the contradictions among the Great Powers and their rivalry, however, are decisive – only then can we wage correct revolutionary struggle against imperialism!

It is not only the US imperialism that is waging war, and the Schröders/Fischers, Putins, Blairs, Chiracs and Berlusconis of this world are not only its junior partners, helpers and accomplices! No! Wars are waged by imperialist Great Powers like the USA, France, England, Russia, FRG etc.… Although the US imperialism has a decisive weight, other Great Powers are on an equal footing with him! Blind anti-Americanism among the Left means strengthening one’s “own” Great Power in the end, in this case the FRG.

Fight Imperialism…
The main enemy is in one’s own land…

Globalization, worldwide war, worldwide exploitation, worldwide destruction of the foundations of life, worldwide enslavement of women, worldwide impoverishment and hunger… they all are a result of the rule of imperialism. There is not even one corner in this world that’s not caught in the claws of international finance capital. A few imperialist Great Powers have divided up the rest of the world among themselves. Dependent countries are at the mercy of the IMF and the World Bank. While the Argentine economy collapses because the IMF denies her a credit for US$ 4 billions, at the same time US$ 20 billions are pumped into the bankrupt State-run economy of Turkey. The strategic importance of Turkey in the fight for a redivision of the spheres of influence in Central Asia and the Middle East “commands” it. Against this International of exploitation we must develop the International of the struggle of workers and toilers of all countries and oppressed peoples. In the anti-globalization actions from Seattle over Canc?n (Mexico) to Genoa and today here in Berlin, the oppressed, fighters, workers, employees, peasants and youth are fighting militantly against the seemingly overpowering strength of the imperialist system. To break the spearhead of these struggles, many reformist concepts are brought into circulation: from Attac to President Rau (see his speech of 13.5.02 on globalization). They pretend that imperialist globalization can be slowed down or stopped with the Tobin tax or similar “reforms”. They favorize a “humane” globalization!

These are all illusions!

Only when the foundations of this system are tottered and smashed up, only when the conditions obtaining are overturned by revolutions, only when a new political system, socialism, is won, only then is there a real alternative to imperialism.

We must combat global imperialist domination worldwide, we must network the revolutionary movements, together we must learn from the experiences of our struggles. In the Federal Republic of Germany this means for us communists to denounce the German Great Power with all our strength, to tear apart the fairy tales about the allegedly so peaceful German State, about the oh such peaceful German republic. Germany –under the Red-Green government– is waging war again! Germany is a Great Power. We are fighting to smash this State: so that it does not foment a world war once again, so that it ceases to exploit and oppress other peoples, so that exploitation and oppression here in Germany stop.

No government after 1945 could carry through a war course so quickly like the German social-democracy of Schröder and the “ecologist” Green Party of Fischer. They have restored total “normality” of the German imperialism. They get flank support from the PDS that has already degraded the abandoned socialism in the GDR to a joke.

We don`t want your wars, Mr. President and Mr. Chancellor!
We are going to fight for and win a new world!
Socialism or barbarism – this is the alternative!